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Three Navy football players under investigation for sexual assault

File:US_Naval_Academy_signThe Naval Academy has launched an investigation into three football players who reportedly sexually assaulted a female student, according to CNN and The Washington Times.

The assault occurred almost a year ago, CNN reported. The victim came forward after the attack, but dropped her complaint a few months later. She revived the report earlier this year and the Academy has since started its investigation.

The three suspects have not been named, although one reportedly just graduated.

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Title IX education campaign reaches fundraising goal

e608b5562a689bf1e5d22527bbaffbebGood news, fellow advocates: The amazing campaign to educate every college student about Title IX by fall 2013 has surpassed its $10,000 fundraising goal, bringing in a total of $11,021.

Know Your IX is an ambitious campaign led by rape culture combatants at universities across the country. This impressive group of gals has now finished the fundraising portion and is planning to launch its educational campaign in August.

At a time when so many colleges are failing to give victims the support/justice they deserve, it’s crucial that students know what legal options they have when they’re backed against the wall by administrators.

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Journalists: Take this free, online training on how to report rape cases

url-3This is awesome: Poynter has a free, online course for journalists wanting to learn more about reporting on sexual assaults.

The “Reporting on Sexual Violence” course costs $29.95 but is being offered for free, thanks to a grant from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. As a journalism major and former reporter, I can’t stress enough how important this is — so many times in newsrooms, it seems like both writers and editors have no idea how to tackle the very complex issue of rape.

Poynter gets that. Check out this excerpt from the training:

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Students at York University create awesome rape culture cartoons

In A Tight SituationIt’s not often we get to laugh when talking about sexual assault, but a class of talented students at York University recently created comics on the issue that are pretty amazing.

Check this out from The Toronto Star:

As part of Design for Public Awareness, a class taught by Prof. Jan Hadlaw, the students created 12 graphic art projects that address issues surrounding sexual assault.

Hadlaw said she wasn’t sure at first about using comics to tackle such a weighty subject.

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Dartmouth to punish students who protested handling of rape cases

urlWelp, the news about Dartmouth just keeps on coming.

In April, more than a dozen Dartmouth students protested the university’s alleged racism, homophobia and mishandling of rape cases during a presentation for newly accepted students, which is actually pretty awesome. Last week, Dartmouth joined three other schools in filing an official complaint with the Department of Education over these issues.

In an ideal world, this would probably be a wake-up call to administrators. They would say, “Huh, it seems like students are really upset and we have a real issue on our hands. Let’s come up with some ideas to make sure rapists aren’t running around on this campus like kids in a candy store.”

But alas, that’s too much to ask from an Ivy League school, apparently. Today, student activists tweeted this picture:

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Student survey results give glimpse into sexual assaults at Harvard

url-3Yesterday, Harvard University’s student newspaper, The Crimson, released its results from an in-depth survey of the class of 2013 — not surprisingly, it shows many sexual assaults go underreported at this elite institution.

The survey was conducted between May 11 and May 21, reaching a total of 780 graduating seniors, according to the Huffington Post. It found that 45 people — 41 of whom were transgender or female students — said they had experienced a sexual assault while at Harvard. Eight of those 45 victims said they reported the assault to administrators. One victim, a male, went to the police, according to the survey.

Both The Crimson and The Huffington Post fail to analyze those numbers in a larger context, so let’s break them down a little bit.

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