Dartmouth to punish students who protested handling of rape cases

urlWelp, the news about Dartmouth just keeps on coming.

In April, more than a dozen Dartmouth students protested the university’s alleged racism, homophobia and mishandling of rape cases during a presentation for newly accepted students, which is actually pretty awesome. Last week, Dartmouth joined three other schools in filing an official complaint with the Department of Education over these issues.

In an ideal world, this would probably be a wake-up call to administrators. They would say, “Huh, it seems like students are really upset and we have a real issue on our hands. Let’s come up with some ideas to make sure rapists aren’t running around on this campus like kids in a candy store.”

But alas, that’s too much to ask from an Ivy League school, apparently. Today, student activists tweeted this picture:



It appears that, instead of seeking justice for victims and punishing rapists, Dartmouth is spending its precious time punishing student activists for their protest. Jezebel is already all over the story, so keep following this news — it’s sure to blow up in the administrators’ faces.

To the survivors and activists at Dartmouth, keep fighting the good fight. You are not alone.


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