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College campuses used to be places of transformation, where lasting friendships were made and lives were really, truly started.  They were places of safety. They were havens.

Somewhere along the way, they became breeding grounds for sexual violence. Campuses transformed from “This is where I went to school” to “This is where I was raped.”

Every day, it seems like another prestigious university is in the news for mishandling sexual assault cases, underreporting incidents and abusing victims further when they needed help the most.

It’s hard to keep track of it all. Amherst. Yale. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Notre Dame. The list goes on and on.

Fighting rape culture is really, really hard. There’s never been a single source for activists to follow what’s going on — until now. And there’s a lot going on when it comes to sexual assault prevention. Instead of having to search for news, you can spend your time on what really matters — like ending sexual assaults on your campus.


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