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Students at York University create awesome rape culture cartoons

In A Tight SituationIt’s not often we get to laugh when talking about sexual assault, but a class of talented students at York University recently created comics on the issue that are pretty amazing.

Check this out from The Toronto Star:

As part of Design for Public Awareness, a class taught by Prof. Jan Hadlaw, the students created 12 graphic art projects that address issues surrounding sexual assault.

Hadlaw said she wasn’t sure at first about using comics to tackle such a weighty subject.

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Student survey results give glimpse into sexual assaults at Harvard

url-3Yesterday, Harvard University’s student newspaper, The Crimson, released its results from an in-depth survey of the class of 2013 — not surprisingly, it shows many sexual assaults go underreported at this elite institution.

The survey was conducted between May 11 and May 21, reaching a total of 780 graduating seniors, according to the Huffington Post. It found that 45 people — 41 of whom were transgender or female students — said they had experienced a sexual assault while at Harvard. Eight of those 45 victims said they reported the assault to administrators. One victim, a male, went to the police, according to the survey.

Both The Crimson and The Huffington Post fail to analyze those numbers in a larger context, so let’s break them down a little bit.

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Pleased to meet you

urlHello, world. Welcome to The Campus Haven, your resource for news on college sexual assaults.

These days, it seems like every other day there is news of some high-profile university mishandling a rape case. We know that rapes are happening all the time.  We know we live in a terrible, victim-blaming rape culture. We know that victims seldom report their assaults.

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