Journalists: Take this free, online training on how to report rape cases

url-3This is awesome: Poynter has a free, online course for journalists wanting to learn more about reporting on sexual assaults.

The “Reporting on Sexual Violence” course costs $29.95 but is being offered for free, thanks to a grant from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. As a journalism major and former reporter, I can’t stress enough how important this is — so many times in newsrooms, it seems like both writers and editors have no idea how to tackle the very complex issue of rape.

Poynter gets that. Check out this excerpt from the training:

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Students at York University create awesome rape culture cartoons

In A Tight SituationIt’s not often we get to laugh when talking about sexual assault, but a class of talented students at York University recently created comics on the issue that are pretty amazing.

Check this out from The Toronto Star:

As part of Design for Public Awareness, a class taught by Prof. Jan Hadlaw, the students created 12 graphic art projects that address issues surrounding sexual assault.

Hadlaw said she wasn’t sure at first about using comics to tackle such a weighty subject.

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